Destiny Jones debuted her lip gloss line, Lipmatic, in 2014 with a collection of four stunning shades and an organic formula. Being the 20th anniversary year of her father Nasir Jones’ debut album, Destiny paid homage in her own sweet way with not only the name of her brand, but Lipmatic’s “color titles” – Life’s a Peach, P.L.U.M. State of Mind, Cherry Love and Cotton Candy Lane.

From a sultry nude shade to a vibrant plum, the collection has something for every girl who appreciates a smooth, non-sticky, long lasting and rich colored lip gloss with a delicious vanilla scent. “Since I came up with the concept for Lipmatic, I dove into researching the best ingredients. I’m super picky about my lip gloss!” says Destiny. “When I found a formula that looked and felt great, smelled good and was 98% organic – that just brought what started as an idea to life.”

Shop the original collection and brand new delicious shades from Lipmatic HERE, and stay tuned for more coming soon!